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Update July 27th 2006. My brother Duncan's birthday! Added more photos to the Photo Gallery including some of Geoff & Jenni Stagg's visit to England last June. Check out the Stagg Page.

Welcome one and all.  My name is David Rice, related to you some how I'm sure, and I live on the west coast of Canada. While born in Canada my roots are in the UK, my parents having come to Canada in 1956, settling in Montreal.  I did spend a little bit of time in the UK, primarily in Bristol, in the latter half of 1959, no memory of that, but I have seen some pictures!

In September 2004 I went back to England with my parents, Lionel and Josephine Rice (nee Mitchell).  It was more than I could ever have expected or imagined!  Before going I had developed an interest in my heritage and had listened to my mother talk about the family and learned that my uncle Jeff Mitchell (mum's brother) had been tracing the family roots.  Well we chatted, I listened and my interest grew.  I had always been proud of where I was from, always talked of being Canadian, but of British heritage.  I have always been accused of having a British sense of humor!  So it started me on a journey of discovery, one that would allow me to trace back my family and learn more about where I come from and the people that went before me.  Something to share with my children.

Uncle Jeff shared the information he had with me, my mum started to share more detailed family lore with me, and I met other relatives in the UK who in turn shared even more information, thanks Derek and Alistair.  Talk about fanning the flames.  When I returned home I started to do some research on the Internet, finding yet more info.  This lead me to trying out some genealogy software which in turn lead me to getting a family tree website up on a free service, Tripod.

From there magic happening.  Gives me goose-bumps just thinking of it and a bit of a wet eye.  Mum and Jeff had an uncle, Godwin Stagg, who had emigrated to Australia.  In 1942 he passed away, 36 years old, from a medical complaint.  The families lost touch very shortly after that, the eccentricities of WW2.

Flash forward to December 2004, my family tree website had not been up that long, but...  I received an email from Australia.  A heretofore unknown relative had surfaced.  Godwin's son Geoff Stagg had been trying to find out some information about his late father and had been researching him on the Internet.  He found my website!  From there we made contact via email and then telephone.  Geoff was surprised to learn of the extent of the family he had here in Canada and in the UK.  We exchanged photographs and put Geoff in contact with a cousin of his, and Jeff and mum, who had retired to Australia recently, Barrie Lovell-Davis.  More exchanging of information and a reunion between Barrie and Geoff and their families.

Even more magic, Geoff and his wife traveled to the UK just last month for a reunion with Jeff Mitchell and the Staggs.  Much to be said of this once I receive all, but it does sound like it was an event to behold.  Geoff has been able to learn more about his family, where his father was from and his heritage.

So to cut it short, this has inspired me to create this website in the hopes that more of our family can come together, that we can learn about one another, perhaps meet, and learn more about our history.  Something we can all share down the generations.  The world is not so big...

Join me in this wonderful and magical adventure.



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